November 13, 2017

Top 5 tips on how to be an amazing Sales Consultant!

Wondering how to improve your selling technique? The Recruitment Alternative, Sydney and Melbourne’s, low cost recruitment agency are happy to offer our ‘top 5 tips’ to help you be an amazing Sales Consultant and stand out from the crowd.

Selling is an art, a balance of persuasion and charisma. Selling and buying is not a purely intellectual exercises as both buyer and seller are emotional human beings. Which is why engaging and connecting with your buyer is so important. If you think about it would you like to purchase an item or service from a pushy rude numbers focused Sales Consultant who could care less about you as the buyer? Or someone who is friendly, informative, clear and takes the time to listen and respond? Here are The Recruitment Alternative’s top 5 tips to help you be an amazing Sales Consultant:

  1. Empathy – This entails adapting your behavior to the customer’s mood and emotions. This begins with listening, observing and responding accordingly. This also builds trust, which any sales pro will tell you is absolutely necessary to build lasting relationships. Empathy shows that you care about the buyer and you want to help them (or their business).
  2. Be an expert in your field – Know everything there is to know about your product and your competitors products so that you can justify to your customer why your recommended product is the right one for them.
  3. Stay optimistic and learn from ‘bad sales’ – Spending lots of time on that sale that falls through can be frustrating and somewhat discouraging. Learn to put bad sales behind you and quickly approach new opportunities with a fresh start. Treat each failed sale as practice and think about what you learned from it to improve upon next time. As the saying goes practice makes perfect!
  4. Problem Solving – Sell the solution not just the product, a product or service sale results from solving a problem first. The desire to solve a problem helps you create new ways to satisfy the customer’s needs.
  5. Follow up – Go the extra mile and write down the names and contact information of your customers and follow up with a brief call or note to make sure they are 100% happy with their purchase or service. This is how you can encourage customers to refer you on to others. Don’t underestimate word of mouth and the power of a great customer service experience.

For more information and tips head to our ‘job seeker help center’ and why not pay our jobs board a visit – your next career opportunity could be a click away. The Recruitment Alternative are currently recruiting across Australia and New Zealand, roles at all levels in Sales, Marketing, Graphic Design, Administration and IT – just to name a few!

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