October 12, 2018

Thinking about quitting your job?

If you’re thinking about quitting your job but can’t quite commit you’re not alone. Most employees have found themselves in a similar position at some point. You will be considering things such as putting just that little bit more time in and you may finally get that promotion or pay rise. Yet still find yourself wondering what new challenges and opportunities could be waiting for you at another company. 

Questions To Ask Yourself

Have I stayed long enough in my position to make an impact? – It’s easy to want to jump ship the moment you feel unhappy or dissatisfied at work. But, if you were to update your resume today with your current position, would you be able to relay the achievements and contributions you’ve made in your position thus far? 

Is there still room for me to grow at this company? – This is a big question with the answer often being one of the major deciding factors in your final decision. Growth opportunities are vital and aren’t always an available option. However, you could be thinking, ‘I may be able to grow here, but I’m not happy with my career and would rather do something else’. Then it may be time to start looking for your new opportunity.

Do you enjoy working with your colleagues and are you learning from them? – Company culture and a positive workplace environment are important elements to workplace satisfaction. Not having the ability or feeling comfortable enough to learn from others can be hindering to your professional development. If you don’t like working with your colleagues and you don’t like the company culture these are big signs its time for a change. 

Top 5 Common Reasons People Quit Their Jobs

  1. Found a new career opportunity 
  2. Difficult work environment 
  3. Career change
  4. Relocation  
  5. Higher pay / benefits 

Best Way To Resign 

Resigning is never easy (even when you don’t like your job). Be sure that you are prepared before your formal resignation, without being too obvious it’s on its way (e.g. removal of personal items such as photos). Without breaching any policies make sure you have saved what you needed to from your computer as you may not have access to it after resignation. Be sure to double check all the entitlements you will be owed upon your departure (accrued leave, benefits etc.). 

Where possible always leave on good terms and compose a well-written resignation letter. Ensuring you have provided the correct amount of notice as per your employment contract. To submit this in person is preferable, it is respectful and could result in a good reference. 

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