Success Story

Art of MultimediaArt of Multimedia: Converting a cynical Client whose industry was considered too niche, into our longest standing, most supportive client.

When we first approached Beata Kade from Art of Multimedia she made it very clear to us that she had refused to use a recruitment agency for over 20 years because of her “terrible experience last time”. We were also told that being in the creative media business, her industry was very niche and that the only way to find anyone was through word of mouth and networking in the industry.

Despite these obstacles we convinced her to give us a go. A few weeks later we successfully placed a Digital Designer and a Public Relations expert. And the placements have just continued from there.

Not only did we place both those first roles at a price that saved our client thousands of dollars (at least about $12K), we were also the recipients of glowing feedback. The client who swore she would never use an agency again is now one of our most satisfied clients who refers us business on a continuing basis.

“When The Recruitment Alternative approached me, I had avoided using a recruitment agency for 20 years due to a bad experience with an agency I trusted. Art of Multimedia has great staff longevity, and I was convinced that unless I was always hiring, I wasn’t going to find a company who would really care for finding me the right team members, so people with the right creative and technical skills, but also fit our culture.

The Recruitment Alternative, however, convinced me to give them a try and I’m so glad I did! Not only are they really affordable, their service levels are excellent and Michael is available to help even when I’m not recruiting. They’ve done our recruiting for over 4 years now and have successfully placed roles from Digital Designers to PR managers to office admin roles.” Beata Kade, Managing Director of Art of Multimedia.

Art of Multimedia is a dynamic team of designers, programmers, producers, video editors, camera operators, marketers, communication strategists and writers who design communication solutions that improve the performance of leading businesses and organisations.

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