March 29, 2017

Recruitment SME style. Hints – To Catch a “Keeper” Part 1

Recruitment SME style in today’s candidate market can sometimes be equated to a good fishing trip out.  Some roles have a candidate shortage and the job seeker has the upper hand. However, like fishing – If you plan your campaign you can reel in a “Keeper”. Recruitment SME style

Recruitment SME style: Strategy #1 – Check out the weather or Check out the market.

When your recruiting new staff its always good to know your competition. Have a look through similar roles on Seek.

  • How much are the competition offering?
  • What perks are they giving?

Make sure you are setting yourself up for success “Are you offering the going market rate?”.


Recruitment SME style: Strategy #2 – Know what bait you need or Know your selling points.

It’s no use fishing for Marlin when you only have worms on your line. Have the right bait for the right catch.

Good candidates aren’t only after a good salary. They need the whole package.

  • How is your company’s culture enticing to new staff?
  • Do you have long-term strategies for your employees?
  • Would your team of current staff members positively promote your company to a potential employee?
  • Do some simple Facebook or LinkedIn stalking of your competition and see what they are offering?

Make sure you have a point of difference on “Why the candidate should choose you over the competition”.

Recruitment SME style: Strategy#3 – Engage The Recruitment Alternative early on.

SME’s must look at existing processes and strategies and decide whether recruiters, marketers or a newly created partnership between talent acquisition and marketing will create the best results. Today’s most successful recruiters adapt to evolving job seeker behavior.

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