January 19, 2014

Management Recruitment Made Easy

Implementing a few small changes to your Management Recruitment processes will ensure you are successful in your next campaign.

dartIf you’re an Employer who is continually frustrated by conducting fruitless management recruitment campaigns and not finding quality management staff, implementing a few small changes to your recruitment processes will ensure you are successful in your next campaign.

Write dynamic job ads to kick start your Management recruitment campaign:
• Top management staff need to be attracted by clever ads. Pay attention to how you can make your ad stand out and attract the type of managers you are looking for.
• Show candidates the point of differentiation between yourself and other similar companies
• Appeal to management candidates with a social consciousness by highlighting your company’s environmental and social undertakings.
• Be clear in Ads about what type of management staff you are looking for and how the management recruitment process will run

Implement Strict Selection Criteria:
• Recruit against a clear set of selection criteria that are “must haves” for candidates to progress to interview
• Consider what makes a great management candidate for your business: Tertiary qualifications, industry experience, personal characteristics etc.
• Don’t be tempted to move away from selection criteria to recruit “likeable” management staff who don’t have the skills required to fill the role.
Interview quality candidates as soon as you possibly can:
• Good management candidates won’t wait around for weeks to see how their application has progressed with your company; snap them up for interview as soon as you have qualified them as a quality candidate. Don’t allow your management recruitment processes to take so long that quality candidates disappear

Remove bias from interviews:
• Make sure interviews aren’t going to be interrupted: turn off mobile phones, schedule interview times in your diary, find a quiet office to work in
• Have a standard set of interview questions for all management candidates
• Set aside enough time to conduct a thorough interview
• Try behavioural questions to explore management style of candidates
• Provoke candidates to ask questions to get to know your company and the management recruitment process you are undertaking

Don’t let your future Management Star get away from you:
• Engage the candidate in the Management recruitment process by advising how long the process may take, and when they can expect a response from you. Stick to these timings.
• Recruitment for Management roles can be expensive and take time away from other priorities. Don’t let a management recruitment drive fail by failing to quickly make formal job offers to quality candidates.

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