October 1, 2022

Hiring Tips for Small Businesses

Hiring the right person can make a huge difference and determine the success or failure of small businesses. Business owners are often pressured for time when looking for a new employee, but it’s important not to rush the process. However, if you are time poor engaging with a recruitment agency to source quality candidates. Here are some tips from The Recruitment Alternative – Australia’s affordable recruitment agency:

Be Clear About the Role

The first and the most important step you should take is to carefully think through your job offer and role. Help your ad to stand out from the crowd by ensuring it doesn’t contain any vague content and clearly specifies the employee’s duties. It’s important to be realistic about your potential new employee. They’re not going to be able to do everything from reception to IT support. Having the role clearly defined before recruitment commences can set you up for a positive outcome.

Go Where They Go

Consider where you would find your ideal candidate (virtually or in person) and target your advertising there. For example, you wouldn’t go to LinkedIn to recruit for a Tradie. Use the right methods of advertising to connect to the most suitable talent pool.

Company Culture

Show off your company culture and highlight the benefits of working for your small business. Skill can be taught, but attitude and passion can’t. So, highlight what makes your business unique and what makes you better than the competitor down the road. Have defined core values, so the tone is set right from the start. Your company website is great for setting the tone for your business.


As a small business owner, you likely wear many hats. Sometimes your time can be stretched too far, so you should consider working with a recruitment agency. The Recruitment Alternative understands that all businesses essentially want two things from a recruitment agency. The first is great candidates, and the second is low-cost recruitment fees. We provide both.

Are you an SME looking to recruit top talent at an affordable price? Contact The Recruitment Alternative today on 1300 548 546 or via our contact us page. We will be able to work with you to achieve your recruitment goals and find a suitable candidate for your small business.

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